The Scoop

When not playing mom to my three “human” boys, I can most likely be found on our horse farm immersed in nature. Our personal menagerie consists of three horses, three dogs, an orange cat, two hamsters, a fish, and a baby pig. However our farm hosts an amazing array of wildlife, from a pair of bald eagles, to deer, hawks, foxes, coyotes, and even a family of sand hill cranes.

My love of animals is intrinsic. From a very early age I was always trying to “save” an animal in need! This love soon developed into a 15 year career as a veterinarian technician for both large and small animals. In the interim, my love of horses kept me busy in another capacity. For over 40 years I have ridden, shown and/or trained horses and their “humans.”

The communication with animals, has always been there, but only In recent years have I evolved to a place that communication became so strong that I knew I needed to use it for the greater good. AND so I did. Over the course of many years, I fine tuned my abilities, donating all my animal communication sessions to help animals in need. Through my hard work and dedication, I have risen to a level that allows me to offer my services with the utmost confidence. I look forward to helping you and your pets.