Working and competing in an industry where every split second counts, tapping into every Thoroughbred race horse in my care on the deepest level is invaluable. Joanie has been my silent “go to” tool when working on understanding the smallest nuance of an athlete in my care. From the smallest unseen detail of a sinus infection, to something outward we have already identified, Joanie has helped put human words to my equines’ non-verbal dialog. Where many may feel we are only looking for things that are wrong, there is much to be learned about what is being done right.  – Jena M. Antonucci, Thoroughbred trainer

I honestly do not even know where to start with how amazing and incredible Joanie is, let alone so gifted! She read all five of my animals, dogs, cat and even the guinea pigs. I was blown away and still am. It has been an amazing transformation for my pack and I noticed the changes immediately. My house is so much more calmer and relaxed. I did not want the process to end, almost wished I had more animals for her to read ( almost ha ha ). Do not hesitate to have this done, even if you feel there is no reason too, trust me there is.  _ Camie Quillen Sendelbach


I Was scrolling through Facebook and noticed someone referring Joanie, so I decided to reach out to her. I was curious of how it worked and wanted to know more. Joanie explained the process and I was very intrigued, but very skeptical. I was given a reading on my horse Chloe. All Joanie needed was a picture, name and an age and within minutes she was giving me details about my horse. I was blown away by her accuracy and description of my horse’s attitude and issues. I was so impressed by her reading, I asked her if she could provide me with another reading on my horse Sugar. Once Joanie started describing Sugar’s issues and conditions, I almost fell off my chair, she was right on! I was given such great insight on what my horses are experiencing, which has given me such relief. I am now able to treat them accordingly. I highly recommend her service, it is truly an amazing gift she has. – Candice Scott King

I am a professional hunter/jumper trainer in Ocala, Florida and have known Joanie for about ten years. Our friendship began through our husband’s work and we’ve kept in touch socially through our love of horses. About two years ago, Joanie shared with me that she could “communicate” with horses. The expected dialogue began ” How? What? Where? When? Shortly after she explained the process to me, I decided to give it a go. I gave her the name and age of a mare in my barn and sometime later that day Joanie was giving me details about my horses health that were spot on. Did I mention that she had never laid eyes on this horse, ever? This mare had a strange set of symptoms that Joanie was able to pinpoint via her special equine communication talents which really helped me to understand what the mare was going through. What was even crazier, was a week later I received a text asking me what I was doing to the mare because Joanie was tasting DMSO in her mouth while “connected” to her. At this point my jaw hit the floor because we had given the mare intravenous DMSO the day before!

Over the next year Joanie had conversations with a few horses in my barn. Always there to help me figure out some little quirks or to just help get a general sense of a new horse.

Recently, I had a 6 year old gelding that had a specific issue that the vets and I could not explain. When Joanie “connected” to him, she said he had a splitting headache and immense pain right between the eyes. Once again I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I think I even had to sit down and gather my mind up. A few days before, this horse started acting a little strange after he came in from turn out. He had a rather large, hard lump directly between his eyes. The vets did not think it was significant because horses bump themselves all the time. However the horses behavior under saddle after the lump appeared was far from normal. Joanie was able to tell us he was suffering from a terrible headache. I was blown away! Again, she had never laid eyes on this horse nor had I given her any previous information regarding him.

I will continue to call on Joanie to help with our horses! Her skills are amazing and so helpful. – Angela Chovnick – Hunter/Jumper trainer

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