My methods of talking to your pet are unique since I don’t need to be with them physically to communicate. As a matter of fact, I want to know as little about your pet as possible as not to affect my reading. I am a firm believer that the messages that come forward at the time of a reading are the ones that the pet needs to convey at the time.

Is your pet lost? Lost pets are perhaps the hardest to connect to. Why you ask?  Pets that have been lost are scared, confused and sometimes even hurt. Their surroundings,  people and emotions are ever changing. Staying connected to an animal in this delicate state can be challenging,  however obtaining clues in regards of direction, injury, or even theft can help in recovering your animal quickly. Time is of the essence in lost animal cases, always.

Having trouble bonding with your pet? Trapped emotions can play a key role in the conflict between animals and their owners. By identifying and clearing both pet and owners trapped emotions, it allows new alliances to be formed. This is an extremely powerful experience for pets and their human counterparts.