Are you talking to me?

           Have you ever wondered if your pets can                 communicate?

The answer is yes! Most animals learn to convey their messages through body language, but to a trained soul,  those same pets can communicate through thoughts, feelings and even pictures.

That’s where I come in! When I connect with your pet, it is on a spiritual level. Their “energy” is speaking to mine. Once we have made the connection, I am able to physically feel everything in your pets body that they need to communicate.  Within this time, your pet may convey specific information regarding an injury, sickness or even dislike of a new pet.

EVERY pet is different and every pet communicates differently!

From there I am able to identify and release trapped emotions within the body. Imagine a trapped emotion as an emotion that has not fully processed, leaving negative, stagnant energy behind. Left in the body, trapped emotions can lead to both emotional and physical problems.  Not only can your pet trap their own emotions, but because our beloved pets adore us so much they act as sponges to our emotions as well. How many times have you hugged your dog when you’ve had a bad day? In that moment, your dog is taking on your feelings and trapping YOUR emotions to ease your pain. By identifying and releasing these trapped emotions, I am thus allowing your pet’s body to work properly. Once the trapped emotions have been released from the body, many behavioral and health issues are resolved. This work is extremely powerful and I have helped many animals from race horses to birds!