Oscar, our large, orange cat now insists on drinking only from our freshly poured cups of water. Although Oscar has always been unique …. eats broccoli, strawberry yogurt and nuzzles carrots, this behavior with water was new.

Oscar’s beverage of choice used to consist of self served “fish flavored” water from our fish tank and the occasional remnants from our bathtub. Rarely would you see him drink directly from the water bowls provided to him.

I stopped to examine what prompted this new behavior. If water was poured directly from the pitcher in the refrigerator, Oscar immediately made his presence known. If water was filled from the tap, the interest was there, yet he would rarely drink from the glass. My first thought was that he must enjoy very cold water, I decided to provide him with a glass filtered directly from the refrigerator dispenser. Again, the interest was there, but he didn’t want to drink. Yet, each and every time I poured water from the pitcher, Oscar insisted on drinking from my glass.

No way. The proverbial “light bulb” went off above my head.

Having studied Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment on water, I had created an experiment of my own. Dr. Emoto found that water can be transformed by simply changing the energetic vibration it was subjected to. Our emotions operate off of vibrational frequencies. Love, peace, and enlightenment all operate at the highest frequencies. Anger, hatred and fear operate at the lowest levels. By exposing water to frequencies at each end of the spectrum, Dr. Emoto found that the water molecules actually changed. Water exposed to love and then frozen, created beautiful snowflake type crstals. When water was exposed to the lower frequenices such as anger, frozen crystals showed eratic, chaotic type patterns.

Because roughly 75% of our bodies are made up of water, this experiement proved how our bodies chemical makeup could be changed by words alone. If our bodies are exposed to love and peace the outcome will be one in the same. If our bodies are constatly bombarded with negativity then the same outcome should be expected. This includes the “words” we tell ourselves.

Months before, I had “labeled” the pitcher of water in the refridgerator ” Love, Happiness and Success.”  Did Oscar actually feel the difference when drinking this water and is that why he was attracted to it?! I decided to take the experiement one step further. I labeled the pets bowl of water ” Happiness, Health, and Energy” and stepped back to watch the results. Oscar not only sought out this water, but I noticed that the dogs also drank more than usual. Incredible.

Just as we think we have it all figured out, once again our pets are there to point out the obvious.



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