From the horses mouth

On a trip to New Orleans one Christmas many years ago, I found myself in the French Quarter preparing for a carriage ride through the city. The horse that was to be our guide, stood skinny under it’s harness, it’s feet were worn with heavy shoes, his coat and eyes dull. I remember having the thought, “Oh, this poor horse.” And with that thought, the horse reached out and bit me hard. His driver seemed equally surprised, as seconds before small children were receiving kisses from the same mouth that had just bit me.

Although the bite itself hurt, I immediately realized what I had done. This horse had picked up on my thoughts and he did not want to be pitted. He then told me in no uncertain terms, ” I take pride in my job.”

Sometimes life has to bite us to remind us of what is really important.

I apologized to him and from then on, if I come into contact with a carriage horse, I always praise them and tell them what an important job they have. This seems to go over much better than my previous thought. Lesson learned.



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