Actions speak louder than words … or do they?

It never ceases to amaze me when an animal speaks to me. Many times animals will convey what they need their owners to know through body language. However, to a trained soul, the communication is much different. I am able to physically feel everything the animal communicates to me. At that time, they may ” speak up” about something that is on their mind.

This was the case with an appaloosa gelding by the name of Baylen. Recently acquired by a client, I was asked to do a quick read so she could get to know him better.  I was given a picture of a beautiful spotted horse, told he was 6 years old, and that his name was recently changed to Phoenix because he wouldn’t answer to his previous name.

I went to work, noting physical attributes and problems. He corrected me on his age, announcing he was 10 years old and not six. He went about telling me several details about his health, conformation and how he moved. AND then, as adamant as any animal I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to, told me in no uncertain terms, ” I don’t answer to the name Baylen and I probably won’t answer to the name Phoenix because MY NAME IS ERIC!”

I relayed the information to the owner as we both got a good chuckle from it. She confirmed that “Eric” was an extremely vocal horse, always having something to say. It seems as if Eric got the last word in. Since the reading, this has become his newly acquired nickname.


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