I know something you don’t know …

The reading started off as any other. I was taking a walk on our beautiful horse farm, enjoying nature, along with the antics of my dogs. I felt particularly “tuned in,” so I decided to embrace the moment and connect with a clients horse who I had promised to do a read on.

As with my other reads, I only want to know the name and age of the animal. A picture usually helps with the connection, so I plucked my phone out of my pocket and scrolled for a picture of the mare named Tolo. Got it. The mare instantly gave me a sly smile. The owner did tell me her horse had quite the personality. The smile turned even more wry as she communicated ” I know something you don’t know!” She seemed quite amused by this.

The mare went on to give me some specifics about her conformation,  stating that she had broad shoulders, her right front foot was clubby, and also indicated her teeth were worn from chewing. I went about telling her owner, who immediately told me I had been conned! It seemed that Misty, Tolo’s mom had hijacked the reading! Misty had given me two specific pieces of information that made her stand out from her daughter … the clubby right front foot and the fact that she cribs.

Hence, the ” I know something you don’t know!” Misty had taken the opportunity to “speak up” when the opportunity arose. I’ve had this happen before. If an animal “needs” to be heard, they will ALWAYS find a way

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