Every winter hundreds of horse and riders converge on Ocala to compete at a top circuit hunter/jumper horse show.  Although this was my life many moons ago, now, I find myself catching the occasional Grand Prix and visiting with friends showing from up north. On this day, a good friend of mine was showing her beautiful black stallion Envy in one of the grand Prix’s and I was anxious to catch their round. After exiting the ring, my friend and I embraced warmly and sat on the hillside to watch the other rides, while Envy stood patiently with his groom. 

Envy soon spoke up. He immediately gave me the feeling that his lips were numb and that he couldn’t feel them. I sat quiet. Although Sulu and I have been friends since childhood and she knows about my animal communication abilities, I had to make sure it was Envy speaking before I opened my own mouth. Sulu’s husband came over and they immediately started talking about restarting Envy on EPM medicine because Sulu was feeling some symptoms in which Envy could be mimicking the disease. EPM, short for Equine Protozoa Myeloencephalitis , is a disease caused by a parasite that can most commonly found in opossum droppings. Horses that contract EPM, usually from contaminated feed or water, can suffer from moderate to severe neurological disorders. Diagnosing and treating is extremely important.  As my friend and her husband continued to discuss the use of the medication, Envy started talking again. “They changed my bit too. I don’t like it.” So I spoke up. “Envy tells me his lips are really numb. “Sulu still watching the other riders didn’t miss a beat and said, “Yeah, someone tightened his lip chain too tight today!”  Well, that would do it, I thought.  I continued, “Did you change his bit?” Now I had her attention. She turned to me. “ Yes … “ she said quizzically, why?”  I explained. “He told me you did. He doesn’t like it.”  We marveled at his communication abilities, not mine, surprisingly enough, watched a few more rounds and said our goodbyes for the day.  

Many times the communication with animals will continue well past the time I leave them and this was the case with Envy.  I was fast asleep and awoken at 11 pm to Envy talking to me. “I don’t have EPM. I have THE worst headache.  I need a chiropractic adjustment. I am “out” in my occiput region and an area on my back. “ I sat up in bed. I turned on my phone and texted Sulu immediately as not to forget. As a true horsewoman, Sulu listened to Envy.  The chiropractor confirmed it, he was out, exactly where he told me and he was given a good adjustment. Sulu said she could tell he was feeling so much better by her rides.  I sent Envy a message. “Now that you are feeling  better, you should do really well in the grand prix.” His response, “Well, you do have to allow for rider error!” I couldn’t believe it. This horse had such an amazing sense of humor about the whole thing. I passed the message along to Sulu who got a big laugh. But Envy’s message wasn’t done. He went on to tell me that there is too much “whoa” in the corners, that he knows his job and to let him go. I passed this information onto my friend. This seemed to really sit with her the most out of all the communication.  As she pondered the message, she also confirmed it. She said, “He is right, I over adjust him in the corners!”

You have to know, as many times as I get confirmation between animal and owner, I am always amazed and I never take my abilities for granted.

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