Living with skeptics

As I begin to focus in on the animal I  was working on, in strides my oldest son Adam. He glances at my computer screen and sighs. ” Oh Mom” he begins ” Are you talking to animals again? ” I can already see how this conversation will go. ” You know,” He continues ” these are all just your friends telling you that you are right. They don’t want tell you the truth and hurt your feelings.” I sigh. I thought, if I had a dollar for every time I needed to address this with my own family, well, you know.  Adam takes my hand and kiddingly tries to lead me away from the computer. “Come on Mom, there are some nice men with a white coat waiting for you downstairs.” I have to laugh.

But in reality I live in a household of skeptics. I always thought that a reality show of our family would contain the antics of my three human boys, however in recent months, I could easily see how a show called ” Living with skeptics” would fit the bill.

My husband, with his scientific mind teeters between there is no evidence to support what you are doing and being dumbfounded by the cases I wish to share with him. He did, by the way, know what he was marrying into. At this point, I  will only share the cases that will truly “blow his mind.”  My youngest son Luke is on the fence. Just emerging from the age in which he finds everything magical, Luke is now embarking into his pre-teen years in which you question what life is about. By the way, I never force my beliefs on anyone, yet allow the work to speak for itself. The proof is in the pudding. Sam, my middle son may be the one leaning the most in my direction. And by that I mean, he doesn’t have an opinion either way.  I’ll take that point on my side of the score sheet.

“I believe that YOU believe you are communicating with animals,” my mom says still grappling with the concept. She continually tells me that she doesn’t “discount” anything anymore, but wrapping her head around her only daughter communicating with animals might just send her over the edge. My Dad, surprisingly enough,  may have actually instilled all the courage I needed to evolve in this direction over the years. The spooky and paranormal always seemed to be “our thing.”  In recent years, he seems to discount it more, but I’d like to think I still have time to change his mind.

And then out of left field arrives my biggest cheerleader. I never saw it coming. My brother. Born two years and two days apart, our childhood was a mixed bag of ” I love you, I hate you” sibling moments. As “grown ups” we are extremely close, although life and geography separate us. During a recent marathon phone call in which we caught up on the happenings of each others lives, I shared with him the latest developments with my animal communication. I bit my lip and waited for the other shoes to drop. Instead I was greeted with warm embrace, congratulations and true interest.

Although the acceptance was a somewhat foreign emotion  from a “family” member, I have ALWAYS received it from the clients I work with. ” HOW do you know that?” I hear more often than not. I just smile and say knowingly, ” your pet told me.”

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