Whip cream and zippers

I know what you are thinking. Yes, perhaps it is because I do have a stronger intuitive side than most. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what images the title elicits. The title did serve a purpose though. It got your attention. So now on with the story.

For years I have had the pleasure of working alongside a homeopathic Veterinarian In Montana. I was originally introduced to Kim via a mutual friend in hopes that I could shed some light on a tough case she was having with her own horse. Our working relationship soon became a friendship and our daily communication spanned over the course of several weeks. Her horse King, a beautiful paint, had developed a large tumor. Over the course of a year, Kim was able to use both conventional and homeopathic medicine to keep it at bay.

King however, was not keen on taking his oral homeopathic remedies. My thoughts turned to finding something to make him really happy, so I asked. He showed me eating whip cream and loving it. I asked Kim if this made sense. It did not. She said she would inquire and get back to me. A day later, she informed me that her daughter had taken to using a spray whip cream can and spraying the whipped delight straight into King’s mouth. He loved it! Kim had no idea! I told her that King not only liked the whip cream, but was amused by the act of it spraying into his mouth. Of course, a few days later, Kim confirmed that her daughter said King loved to suck on the nozzle as the cream sprayed out.

About the same time, I got the “message” about zippers. Because most of my communication was with King, I assumed this was coming from him. Kim’s daughter also confirmed that King did try to unzip her pockets for treats, but it was his pasture mate Zeb who liked to grab her jacket zipper and play. 

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