Does anyone know the number to 911?

That thought actually entered my head, as I realized I was face to face with a 2000 lb. Brahman bull.
At the time, my husband and I were living on a 200 acre farm, surrounded by an abundance of nature and it was not unheard for us to see all sorts of wildlife intermingled with our own menagerie.
However, this bull came as quite a shock.
I had just exited my car, was walking towards the barn when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted what I thought was one of our horses.
When I looked again, I knew I was in trouble.
Too far away from the car. Too far away from the barn. I wasn’t sure what to do next.
The bull locked eyes with me.
Now what?!
I backed away slowly. The bull watched every step. He walked towards me. I kept backing. He kept advancing.
My car was red. Did bulls really advance towards red or was it true that the red capes just hid the blood from the matadors swords?
Almost there. Breathe. The bull kept following me. My heart was pounding out of my chest.
I jumped in my vehicle. The bull was staring at me through my window.
About that time, a truck I didn’t recognize entered the property.
The occupant, a young woman, stuck her head out, whistled sharply and yelled ” BUBBA!”
On cue, this 2000 lb. bull turned on his heals and went trotting over to her.
Turns out this beast was a PET.

Bubba had wandered off from his home and somehow ended up on our farm. After our initial introductions, I
was then invited to “pet” the oversized bovine. Ever so carefully, I reached out with one hand and hoped for the best. Bubba pushed forward insisting on a rub and before I knew it I was rubbing his head as he licked my arms insisting on more. We “bonded.” 

Now to get him home.
Using cars,  instead of horses, we corralled and guided him down roads and paths ( and unfortunately through someone’s vegetable garden where he stopped for a rather large snack! ) and managed to get him back home.
However the very next day when I went out to feed my horses, there Bubba stood waiting for me. I’d be lying if I told you I was brave enough to pet him on my own. Instead I hopped into my car and headed back to his farm to summon his owner. No one was home. I left a note with my phone number and headed back to see if he was still there. Bubba happily greeted me, this time trotting right up to my car. I rolled down my window ever so slightly as his tongue found it’s way into the cracks. Seems as if now I had acquired a new 2000 lb. friend. Bubba spent the better part of the day grazing at our farm before his owner came to retrieve him. Because we lived several miles down the road behind a gated entrance, we were at a loss at how he kept getting in, especially since his home was across a rather large lake.
After several more visits, we finally spotted his arrival in the early morning hours. It seems that a section of the lake was dry enough for Bubba to wade across. Although once on our property, he never took interest, we think perhaps the property owner’s cows may have been the initial attraction. However after finding a new “human” friend, he seemed just as content.

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