Pick Me

A perk of living and working in southern California, was spending most Sunday afternoons with friends at the Del Mar race track.  On this particular afternoon, I was invited to stand in the owners paddock to watch as the horses were mounted and led out onto the track. As I took in the beauty and power of each horse ready to run, I noticed a small unassuming filly in the mix. She looked half the size of the other horses, almost pony like. I turned my attention back to the rest of the field when I heard her speak up.   ” Pick me! Pick me! ” I turned toward her as she cocked her head in my direction. ” Pick Me, I WILL WIN this race! Pick Me!” She repeated adamantly. I questioned her silently,    ” Oh you’ll win will you?” ” YES! Pick me” she repeated as she was led out onto the track.

I excused myself from my friends to place a small bet. I was asked why in the world I would “waste my money” considering her size, but something told me she knew.  And do you know what? That filly won the race!

How did she know? And why was she trying so hard to get her point across? Perhaps the filly was reading the thoughts of the spectators. After all, she didn’t look the part. Was it the doubt she picked up on that drove her to win?

This story reminds me of the little engine that could. It just goes to show you how powerful your thoughts are.

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