Little animal, BIG voice

You’d somehow think that animals that can communicate, must be of some size and importance, but this is not always the case. Take for instance a small mouse I encountered in a pet store.

My purpose for the pet store visit was to purchase dog food. However as I made my way to the register I was enticed by a cage full of mice whose antics had captured quite a few onlookers. Several mice were attempting to run on a single metal wheel placed in the middle of their habitat. One mouse in particular, just held on tight, as the others spun him around and around upside down.  Not only did I find this behavior amusing, but I found myself enthralled by this mouse’s personality. Once the mice became disenchanted or perhaps just plain dizzy from their acrobatics, the small grey and white mouse found his way to the side of the his cage to say “hello.”

I told him how much I enjoyed “the show” and remarked how cute he was and prepared leave. ” Please take me with you! he pleaded. Perhaps I could have ignored the plea and continued on my way, but I had heard this little guy and as small as he was, he had a big voice. “PLEASE!” he continued to beg. It didn’t take much for me to give in and before I knew it, I was holding my new little friend in the palm of my a hand. I can’t explain the energy this little guy had, but the moment I held him, I knew he was something special.

On my way home, I began to come up with just the right name.  I kept “seeing” an image of a rocket or a planet, but couldn’t place why. Then realizing this little mouse was sending me images of what he wanted to be named, I started guessing. Rocket? ” No” he replied. Star? That wasn’t it either. Finally keeping with the outer space theme, I said the word Comet. “That’s It! That’s what I want to be named!”  “Really?” I asked. ” Do you even know what a comet is?” Apparently he had heard someone use the word in reference to some pictures near his cage and he liked it. I recalled seeing a box with space images on a shelf near his cage, but at the time, I did not take complete notice of it. Now it made sense. So Comet it was!

Comet not only had a BIG voice, but a personality to match. He didn’t want to be a caged mouse, he wanted to be with me always. I taught him to “hang out” in my pocket as I taught riding lessons. He even liked to go for rides on the back of my corgi Elle’s back, much to Elle’s dismay. However, not long after I got him home and settled, I saw Comet start to favor one of his back legs. I checked it out thoroughly, only to come up with no answers. As each day passed, the leg got worse, until one morning I woke up to find the source of the problem. He had a deep abscess that was now down to the bone. I immediately took him to the vet. Through antibiotics and supportive care I was able to save my friend just in time.

I asked Comet what happened to his leg. His reply fascinates me to this day. ” Another mouse bit me at the pet store and I knew it was bad.” He went on to tell me that another injured mouse had been removed from the cage never to return. Hence why he was so adamant on me taking him home that very night. He knew that if his leg was too bad, then he would die or be taken away to where his cage mate went. Comet’s life was “in danger” and he knew it. He also knew he needed to communicate someway, anyway he knew how to save his own life. I just “happened” to pick up on it.


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