The Proof is in the Pudding

When an owner confirms without a doubt, the information I am relaying, then there is just no questioning that I am connected to their pet.  Let me just add, there has been many occasions when I just can’t believe it myself.

Take for instance, a friend and successful race horse trainer in Miami, Florida who started using me for some of her race horses. I have never been to her stable in Miami and know none of these horses other than by name, age, sex and possibly color. Yet, I can come up with exact details that can’t be explained unless the horses told me themselves. Many times I only receive pieces of information that need the blanks filled in on. Once, A horse showed me that while racing he could only  “partially” see and was confused. He gave me the feeling of wearing partial blinkers. Not knowing there was such a thing, I asked. The trainer had literally JUST put half blinkers on this horse for the first time. Another horse kept giving me an odd sensation on his tongue, but only when racing. The trainer had just started tying his tongue down because he displaced it when running.

One of my favorite stories happened when I was in the middle of a Zumba class. I glanced down to see a text from my friend, but couldn’t address it until after the class. The text included  some information on a horse, name and age only.  I texted back and told her I’d read the filly when I got home. However shortly after, I received a text back stating  that the horse had already been purchased, but thanks anyway.   Laughing, I told her I’d “connect” with the filly  and let her know what she had bought. 

The first thing the filly made me feel is her right eye was smaller. The orbit bone was crushed and her sinuses were pushed in on that side. I found some trapped emotions and went about telling my friend. Her text back astounded me. She couldn’t believe it. It was THE ONLY thing that concerned her about purchasing this filly. Her right eye was smaller, a possible accident to that orbit bone when she was young.  She followed the text with a picture of the young horse, the right eye noticeably smaller.  Now come on. My husband who teeters between “that’s amazing” and you have a “great imagination” couldn’t even ignore that one.

Upon a recent visit to the hairdresser I struck up a conversation with a nearby patron about animal communication and clearing trapped emotions. Deep in conversation, I found myself following my new found friend into the shampoo room continuing to talk as her hair was being washed. I inquired about the name of her dog and after asking to see a picture, that quickly, I was “connected.” I immediately felt an odd sensation on my bottom left tooth. I conveyed the information to his owner. Her eyes got wide. “No way!” she sat up, hair dripping ” NO WAY … he has a tooth right there that didn’t grow in right! NO WAY!!!!” I went on to tell her that he tells me his shoulders are broad and his feet turn out. She scrolled through countless pictures to show me exactly what he was talking about. This impromptu connection impressed her so much, she went home, opened her dogs mouth, snapped a picture and sent it to me as proof.

Whether it’s a clients dog whose “favorite” thing to do is watch TV on the couch … yes, this was a recent answer to “what is my dog’s favorite thing.” ( I was “shown” a TV and a couch and the owner confirmed he liked watching SpongeBob! ) or helping a veterinarian get to the bottom of a puzzling lameness, I can’t help but be thankful for the blessings bestowed upon me to help our furry friends.  


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