Take That!

The audible displeasure of my husbands voice could be heard echoing throughout the house. Uh oh, I thought, this could only mean one thing. Our pug Kiki had decided to leave her mark somewhere. I knew the lines to follow as if I had written the script myself … “How old is Kiki now? She isn’t potty trained YET!? ” It was best not to argue, but to find the source of the problem and quickly rectify the situation. But finding no problem, I had to ask. “She pooped in my office!” I stiffed a smile. ” Damn dog! I JUST had her outside!” my husband continued.

I launch into my familiar lecture that Kiki’s actions were a personal vendetta against him. He retorts back ” But it’s YOUR office too!” I am quick to point out that she pooped by HIS DESK, not mine. But my husband isn’t giving up that easily, citing several recent incidents in which Kiki had made mistakes in the house.

But that was the point. These were recent incidents and they all seemed to be directed at my husband, despite him thinking otherwise. I knew exactly what caused Kiki to “act out.” Most evenings after dinner, my husband and I will retire to the bedroom to watch the evening news. At any given time, our bed may house anywhere from our three human boys, 2 dogs and/or a cat, or all of the above. Kiki’s favorite spot is on my husbands lap. Not just ON his lap, but in his face begging to be scratched. He will love on her for several moments, then ask her to lie down. She will repeatedly worm her way back up asking again and again for the same treatment. When she doesn’t comply with my husbands wishes he will lovingly pet her and tell her how she has “no brains!” Now I have warned him about this time and time again. I have told him, SHE KNOWS what you are saying. You would think that a man, married to an animal communicator would at least stop and heed my warning, but no, he doesn’t believe me.

But the fact of the matter is, Kiki DOES know exactly what he is saying and not liking it  she knows the one way to get back at him. Goes to show, that Kiki not only has brains, but she uses them.

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