You are “healed!”

As my husband and I settle down to watch television from our bedroom our menagerie begins to take up residence in and around our bed. First our hound dog Tuesday hops into place, squeezing her 65 pound body in between my husband and me. Not content to just lay between us, she props her paws and head on my husbands chest as if to claim him. Next comes the rambunctious pug Kiki. Circling in and around my husbands legs jockeying for the best positon, she ultimately ends up on me as Tuesday has now taken up all available space on that side of the bed. In wanders my corgi Banjo. His legs too short and perhaps the wisdom of his 12 years, prevents him from venturing further. He settles into a corner for a nap. Just as everyone settles into comfort, in bounds Oscar, my orange cat. Disruption ensues. Kiki is quick to chase as a low growl bellows from Tuesday. But Oscar knows he owns the roost. He slinks by settling directly on my chest for his nightly “healing.”

Now I don’t know if you have heard, but cats possess some pretty amazing powers to heal. Domestic cats purr at a frequency between 20 and 140 hertz.  This has been associated with the promotion of tissue regeneration. If that isn’t amazing in itself, try this one on for size. A cats purr can raise your vibrational level to promote overall healing.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always allowed my cats to “heal” me. However, Oscar seems to take it one step further. He instinctively knows where in my body I “need” the healing and lays directly on it, closing his eyes in a deep meditative state, his purr rises to audible levels. In recent weeks, he has inched his way up my chest and reached out with both paws to my neck, often kneading it with sharp claws. At first I paid no attention to his healing techniques, only thanked him for doing his job. But as he continued to be adamant about healing my neck I had to stop and take notice. What was in my neck that “needed” to be healed? I asked Oscar. He told me it was my thyroid.

Research followed. I found that my body was suffering from at least eight of the top ten thyroid issues. Crazy. I knew what I needed to do next and that was to check for trapped emotions. Specifically asking my body if I had any trapped emotions in my thyroid, I was astounded as four trapped emotions surfaced from my late 20’s. My thyroid also housed a psychic trauma, which is when two trapped emotions happen at the same time. I quickly released all of them. I woke up the next day to euphoria. My body felt immensely better.

How amazing to think that my cat could know what needed to be healed and was trying to heal it for me. So next time your cat jumps into your lap and starts purring, remember, he may just be healing you!

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