Taking one for the team

As the door swung open I was greeted by two sweatered Yorkies. Their yips, trademark to the breed, became louder as I reached down to greet them. As they circled in and around my legs it became apparent that one of the dogs had quite a limp. His owner reached down and scooped him up as the other one trotted off to a nearby room. “This is Bobey” his person started, ” he broke his leg a few years back.” I reached out to stroke Bobey’s head and we became instant friends.

I would see Bobey and his counterpart Dink often, as my son frequented their owners home for math tutoring. Each time Bobey hobbled across the kitchen to greet me I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I could do to help. One day after my son’s tutoring session was over, our conversation turned to health and with it the topic of trapped emotions. I introduced what I did to the amazement of the dogs owners. They were quick to want the work on themselves and their pets!

The connection was found between Bobey and his human Bill. Amazingly when I read Bill, he had trapped emotions caught in a bone in his right leg at that age of 18 and then again at the age of 74. In reading Bobey, I found 4 trapped emotions and 2 psychic traumas at the age of six all caught in the bone in his right front leg. Bobey had taken on Bill’s trapped emotions to help ease his “suffering.” In turn, those trapped emotions, caused the break in the sixth year of Bobey’s life … you guessed it … IN that right front leg. Bill then trapped more emotions of his own after Bobey’s break back in his own right leg due to worrying about his little friend. I happily released all of these!

Trapped emotions are always trying to get out of the body either by sickness or injury. Our pets are sponges to our emotions and they can often take on our trapped emotions to help ease our pain. In the case of Bobey and Bill, the trapped emotions were found too late to “fix” the outcome, however by identifying and removing the trapped emotions in both of them, no further problems can be triggered between the two.

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