C’est la vie

Often times with the onset of having  psychic “super powers,” one may look back to a defining moment in their lifetime in which these abilities were gifted to them. Although from a very early age I always gravitated to animals that needed “saving,” these abilities were far greater than I could have ever imagined.

At age 20, I ruled the world. No, really I did. I had a job I adored working as a veterinary technician, I rode and showed my faithful steed Win Again ( aka Wendal ), I went scuba diving with friends in the Keys almost every weekend, and I owned a red sports car. Life as I knew it was pretty much perfect. To add to the euphoric lifestyle, I was presented with an opportunity to live and ride horses in France, which just happened to be my favorite place in the whole world.

The plan came about through the horse farm I worked for and boarded my horse at. The owner had recently begun importing horses from France and through her connections I was able to arrange a months visit to ride and train. Interesting how the universe immediately tried to intervene.

My first hurdle was taking a leave of absence from my job. I was a faithful employee who had been with the husband and wife veterinary practice for over three years. However, another opportunity training horses out of town had already given me a leave of absence just two months prior. When I approached my bosses again, they weren’t too keen on giving me a second month off to “play.” Although an extremely hard decision, I decided to give my two weeks notice as I couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity. In the end, my bosses relented and allowed me “one more time” to get this out of my system.

Arrangements were made, leave of absence was taken, bags were packed, tickets in hand and there was only 3 hours before my flight. The farm owner called the trainer in France to let him know when I’d arrive. His response stunned us. He couldn’t take me on for the month, as he had clients for 2 weeks and would be back in the states for the other two. Heartbroken, I was left scrambling for a new plan. I quickly called my good friends in Canada who owned the largest riding school in Ontario. I asked if I could come for the month. I was warmly invited, however knowing my heart was set on France they suggested that I call a family their son had just ridden Grand Prix horses for to see if they would entertain me for the month. We quickly called. Immediately we realized there was a huge language barrier as I only had two years of high school French under my belt. They instructed us to call a friend in Bermuda to translate. The clock was ticking. Now one hour before my flight to France and I had no idea where I was going, or IF I was going at all. We quickly explained my situation and after much translating back and forth ( this is MANY years before cell phones and the internet! ) a plan was hashed out.

Off to the airport to catch my puddle jumper to Miami to catch my international flight. I boarded the plane only for them to have us disembark not once, not twice, but three times due to engine problems. At this point, I turned to my Dad and really questioned whether I should be going to France as the universe was trying it’s best to stop me from going. We looked into private pilots flying me to Miami as time was running out to catch my international flight, but none were available. FINALLY, the puddle jumper was deemed safe and off I went, excited, yet biting my lip. My flight made it to Miami without a moment to spare and before I knew it I was on a flight to France.

My instructions once arriving in Paris was to catch a train two hours south to the countryside of Amboise. After retrieving my bag I hailed a taxi to the first train station only to find out I needed to go to a different train station across town. The bad news is, not a single person spoke enough English to help me buy a ticket to where I needed to go. I tried everything to no avail. Then out of the blue a woman walked up to me and spoke to me in English. She offered her assistance, helping me to purchase my ticket, even placing the phone call to the family to let them know when I’d arrive. She walked me to my train and helped me board. I turned to thank her and she was gone. To this day, I believe she was an angel sent to help me.

Two hours later I was in the French countryside with my new family enjoying lunch at their crepe restaurant. They lived in a hundred year old chateau that was being refurbished. Their house bordered a huge horse farm surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills and trees. I had made it. My new heaven.

I quickly fell into the routine of both the family and farm. Riding several horses a day  and sometimes helping in the creperie  on the weekends. The weeks flew by. My only communication with home came via a phone call from my parents once a week. ( Remember, back then, long distance costs an arm and a leg! And this was an international call! )The morning of my last week on the farm, the husband and wife asked to meet with me. I was invited to live with them for the next year. I was ecstatic.

On a new high, I went out to barn to help the owner body clip a horse that we had started the day before. The mare had been quite obnoxious, rearing, kicking and even striking at times despite the twitch and lip chain. I kept encouraging the owner to use a sedative, however he chose not to. With each pass of the clippers the horse became more agitated, finally exploding and launching forward. In one swift move, the mare reared, struck out and hit me in the chest full force and then bolted away.

It was as if I was watching a movie of myself now. I watched from somewhere outside my body as I stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. The horse ran past me as the owner scrambled to my side. He had not seen what had happened. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of peace. A happiness. A complete love. I was enveloped in a white light all around me. I was now looking down at the situation from another view point, completely at ease. The owner was frantic, my body was not breathing. He began to undress me looking for an injury. I remember laughing thinking ” typical Frenchman.” He cried out as he continued to try to revive my lifeless body. From my position, I was completely unattached. I felt no pain, no distress, only an amazing sense of peace. The Frenchman took my right arm and stretched it over my head in an attempt to resuscitate me. All at once I shot back into my body like a bullet. The pain was so intense from the movement of my arm I gasped taking in a deep breath. The owner collapsed on me in tears of relief.

It was over two weeks before I was back in the states  to see a doctor. It was thought that the horses strike to my chest stopped my heart. All of the cartilage between my sternum had been damaged, almost completely stripped from place. In addition, I had a bruised liver. I was told that if my liver had suffered any worse damage I would have died within 24 hours of the accident. A magazine open to an article about near death experiences on my parents coffee table caught my eye. This is what I had experienced.

Although this incident happened 30 years ago, it was the catapult to the gifts I am able to use today to help both animals and people heal. It was only the start of a very long journey, intermingled with much “life work” to reach this state of enlightenment. With each healing I do I reach a higher level of understanding. Of evolution. And for that, I am truly grateful.


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