Timing Is Everything

It was a Tuesday night in late spring when I was sent a frantic message about a dog that seemingly went missing into thin air.  Bruno, a beautiful dappled dachshund had been playing with his other canine companions on the horse farm he resided on. When his caretaker called to bring him inside, he was gone. Frenzied efforts were made to locate him, but to no avail. It wasn’t until early Wednesday morning when I received the text. I immediately went to work trying to “connect” with him.

My first impressions were that Bruno was locked in a car and he couldn’t get out. Efforts were made to check all vehicles in and around the farm to make sure he hadn’t crawled inside and gotten stuck. There was no sign of him. Emergency measures were taken. Signs were made, neighbors were notified, calls to vets and shelters, but again Bruno was no where to be found. The only information Bruno continued to relay to me was that he was stuck in a car and that he could not get out. However, there were no leads in this direction.

The search continued without me until just the right moment on Friday morning in which I had time to check in with him and work and test the maps on my computer. Bruno indicated to me that he traveled south on the property looking for his human mom who had traveled south for a horse show. Testing the maps, I pinpointed a farm just south of the property he lived on and instructed his caretaker to check it out. She left instantly, however turned up nothing. I IMMEDIATELY sent her back out and told her, she had to talk to the farm help, a man who doesn’t speak English. I knew this man wasn’t “reading” the signs posted.

AND that was the break in the case! The caretaker met the help from the nearby farm as he left. The man ONLY frequented the nearby farm 20 minutes a day to feed the chickens. This was such a small window of opportunity for the two to interact. He had seen two girls pick up Bruno at the end of his farm driveway Tuesday night and drive away. He was able to describe the truck and the girls. Hurriedly, the caretaker called me to ask what to do. Social media I exclaimed!  And within the hour, a woman called from PENNSYLVANIA to say her two working students had picked up the dog and drove it all the way up north ( this is why Bruno kept relaying he was stuck in a car and couldn’t get out! ) and didn’t tell anyone. Immediate efforts were made to return the dog and he was returned within the week leaving us all with quite the story to tell.

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