I am a firm believer that the messages that come through at the time of a reading are meant to be. No doubt, to keep me on my toes, I run across the occasional animal that likes to hijack a session.

This was the case while working with a successful holistic vet in Montana. Taking a break from working on some of her harder cases, I was asked if I could check in with one of her personal dogs named Silas. Immediately a little brown dog came into focus and started conveying some very specific physical problems. Silas indicated that his right ear had deep pain that radiated throughout his jaw. In addition, he pointed out that he had a hard time swallowing and that he couldn’t feel his tail due to numbness.

As I relayed the information to his owner I was met with a picture of the dog I connected to via text. Laughingly, the vet told me I had just read her dog Foxy Brown and not the intended Silas. Dr. Knock Kreige went on to confirm that Foxy Brown had a bad tooth infection on the right side of her jaw coupled with a severe ear infection on the same side. The symptoms that I picked up in the throat and tail were due to a neurological condition called myasthenia gravis. (This is a rare chronic autoimmune disease marked by muscle weakness.  I am familiar with this disease as my personal corgi Banjo suffers from it. ) Foxy Brown seized the opportunity to connect with me to help pass on her symptoms to her owner.

A few days later, one of the vets personal horses King Clover requested a warm dry stall. Although this was a drastic contrast to the mountain pasture he so enjoyed, efforts were made to accommodate his wishes. As King and his pasture mate Zeb came in for dinner, King turned on his heals and thundered off leaving behind Zeb who happily settled into  the stall. The vet confirmed that Zeb had been used to these accommodations in Kentucky prior to her ownership of him. We never knew if King requested the stall for his friend or if it was indeed Zeb who hijacked the read. However, the message that needed to come through at the time was the one I picked up on.

While working with a prominent race horse trainer in Miami, I was asked to check in with one of her horses prior to his race. I was immediately confronted with what I interpreted as a very sick horse. I physically picked up on a immense amount of congestion in his lungs and an overall feeling of malaise. When I relayed this information the trainer was confused because the horse was an absolute picture of health. She communicated this to me, but added that I had just described the symptoms the horse’s jockey had been experiencing. The horse, it turned out was extremely close to his rider and was worried about him. This was conveyed to the jockey who then reassured his mount that he was well enough for the ride.

The universe always knows what messages need to come through at the time of a read no matter who the messenger is.

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