Isn’t it interesting that it usually takes a life altering event to start asking the universe for signs regarding your future. You may ask for a yellow butterfly to appear as a “sign” that everything will be okay or know that when a red cardinal arrives it means spirit is close. Comfort is found immediately when the signs you are asking for start appearing like magic.

But, did you know that receiving signs are all in your own power? By placing the “intention” of seeing something specific into the universe, you are actually creating just that. Grasp this, our brains process 400 billion ( that’s Billion with a capital B! ) bits of information per second. Out of that information our brain ONLY processes 2000 of those. Those bits of information create familiar patterns which in turn creates our reality. Wow.

As you wrap your mind around that information, grasp this too … 95% of our brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness. That leaves just 5% of our cognitive activities ( such as decisions, actions, emotions and behavior ) as conscious.

SO, how does all this affect your reality?  Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs create your reality in every moment. So if 95% of your brain is actively working to create your reality, the question is how do you change that. Manifesting ones destiny is simply utilizing the creative forces of the subconscious mind by directing it into the future. Who we think we are as people and how the world operates will be directly reflected back to us in the events of our lives. By identifying and actively changing our thoughts we in turn change our beliefs which then creates our reality.

Take for example the belief ” I am good enough.” If you question this consciously,  no doubt your subconscious has created a belief behind it. Now put into play that your subconscious brain is running the show. If your subconscious brain does not “Believe” you are good enough, imagine how that affects and shapes your entire life. By identifying the beliefs that are weak and changing them, you in turn change your entire reality.

Now, let’s add in trapped emotions. If your body does not fully process an emotion and it gets stuck within the physical body, that emotion will “play out” within your subconscious mind. Take for example “anxiety.” If your body has trapped this emotion, your body will attract more of the same unknowingly to your conscious body. These trapped emotions build up over time and create familiar patterns from which your body operates. These trapped emotions can affect you on both an emotional and physical level. Emotionally your body will be “anxious.” Physically your body will suffer in the place your trapped emotion is caught. This could be in an organ, bone, or even your skin. Our bodies are amazing machines and are constantly working to heal themselves. Trapped emotions are always trying to get out of the body either by sickness or injury. When trapped emotions build up over time within the body, the body will begin to suffer. By identifying and clearing your trapped emotions you are then restoring your body to better health.

How do these trapped emotions affect your pet? Not only can your pet can trap their own emotions through a traumatic experience or other life event, they can take on your trapped emotions to help ease your suffering. If both you and your pet have emotions trapped, those emotions can “trigger” each other causing the emotion to surface in life events. It is imperative to identify and clear trapped emotions in both the owner and pet to help alleviate the issues at hand. This creates a type of “clean slate” for both owner and animal to operate and move forward from.

So, the next time you you are faced with a negative situation, before reacting, STOP AND THINK! Ask yourself which emotion would serve you better, a negative or positive one. YOU have the power to create your own reality. Choose wisely.



  1. I believe age and genetics also play apart.. unfortunately or fortunately I have been on the recieving end. My critters help because they count on me which gives me more of a reason to try and work thru. Occasionally there is a hiccup, but we all get over them eventually. 🐶🐱🐎🐿🐔🐤👮‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♀️🙎‍♀️🙎‍♀️❤❤❤

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